The Conference Table Finale!

It’s only been three months since I originally posted about building a conference table for The Maker Effect Foundation and then remembered I should follow up with a post about it. For those that saw the first post about it (Click here to read ) I found a cool conference table from youtube wood worker, Chris Salamone / FourEyes Furniture and decided I too could build that since TMEF needed a nice table for Maker Faire Orlando planning. Check out the build photos below!

The entire build took me a few days, probably all in like 8 hours of work with a few extra for getting the wood, finishing, and setup but its done and its been great. I plan on building a second with a different style of top and the table is kind of modular so I can make it longer by adding another set of legs and spine if I wanted to make a 10′ table.

Keep a look out for the next thing that I build at MakerFX!