Lets Build a Conference Table!

Part of my never ending quest to take care of MakerFX Makerspace as the Shop Czar is to do something about our lovely plastic folding tables and for the longest time I have wanted to replace them with something from Open Desk but currently their downloads section is shut off… No worries I’ll find something else and I did. 


Chris at Four Eyes Furniture did an excellent build on his YouTube channel taking an Open Desk conference table and modifying it to cut by hand and use pocket holes for most of the assembly. Check that build here on his Youtube Channel – Building a DIY Conference Table – Four Eyes Furniture.


I noticed he cut his template for the legs on an X Carve much like we have at MakerFX so I got to work, well not really. I joined his Patreon and he shares his Sketchup files so I converted the legs to vector files and worked with them in V Carve Pro.  Chris is totally cool and said to show him the finished work (I will not be building these to sell, only for MFX).  So lets take a look at what I have accomplished so far.



The G code file in CNC USB controller doesn’t seem to want to center in the virtual workspace, I need to figure that out at some point.




It’s cutting! But eventually ended up failing for two reasons. 1) I did not put the router bit in the collet tight enough and it went up into the spindle. 2) the scale of the leg was wrong. It should have been 28.25″ tall but it turned out to be 21″.  Apparently V Carve pro did not like my .svg file from illustrator so I changed it over to .pdf and the scale from my original file stuck. No idea why it did that but hey, I made it do on take two!



Proper size/scale success! But I forgot to add tabs so I had to stop it before the last pass. I’ll cut out the waste and flush up the edges with a flush trim router bit on the router table.  


So it worked but I have a lot of waste so I might use this cut out as a template and cut them all out at the router table with a flush trim bit or set up two legs to cut on the Maslow CNC we now have at MakerFX. I need 8 of these leg halves per table I make and I plan on making at least 3 of these tables. One for the makerspace loft area out of cabinet grade 3/4 ply from Lowes to match the rest of the stuff I have built, a second for The Maker Effect Foundation but that will be from the primo Russian Baltic Birch and then a third for my house as a dinner table. 


Keep a look out for more posts on this build and many more to come!