Simplify3D – 7 New Features

Slicing is the process of taking a model – usually a STL file – and creating commands a 3D printer uses to actually extrude plastic to print the model.  There are many different slicing programs available. Some are free and some are paid.  Simplify3D is in the paid category and if you can spring for the $150 you WILL NOT be disappointed.  It is a great upgrade from the free slicers.

Simplify3D – 7 Cool Features

Simplify3D version 4 was just released. Follow this link to learn about all the new features in the new version.

I found this nice video on YouTube that covers 7 of the new features. I included the starting times for each of the new features covered.  This will allow you to jump to a specific topic.

Feature Starts @ Feature Overview
1. Multiple Process Wizard 1:22 The new Variable Settings Wizard gives you the power to customize any setting that you want for different regions of your model. You can customize the print quality for different features, or even change the mechanical properties of the part unlocking a whole new world of possibilities!
2. Dynamic Gap Fill 6:40  Thin walls and gaps can now be filled with a single dynamic extrusion that is automatically adjusted to fill the available space. Even if the thickness of these walls are constantly changing, the software will ensure the gaps are perfectly filled adding strength to your model’s interior. This also provides a significant print speed improvement versus previous gap fill methods.
3. New Fill Options 10:39  Customize the fill direction for the top and bottom solid layers of your print. This can be used to optimize the mechanical strength of these outer layers or for aesthetic reasons to ensure the fill is oriented in a specific direction.
4. New Bridging Parameters 16:02  New options to define the exact speed, flowrate, and temperatures that are used for the outlines of your bridging regions. Using these precise properties for your bridging perimeters can greatly improve your odds of success!
5. Smart Rafts 21:20 We have optimized the actual placement and sizing of the rafts to ensure they are only used in the areas where they are absolutely needed. After testing a wide variety of parts, this has been shown to provide a time savings of up to 20% versus previous methods, while still providing a secure foundation for the prints.
6. Support Enhancements 25:50 A new feature called Dense Supports will vary the density of your support structures near the surface of your part. This can provide a better foundation for your model, improving the print quality while still saving valuable amounts of material. Version 4.0 takes this one step further by giving you the ability to control the materials that are used for the different sections of your supports, allowing you to optimize the results even further.
7. Sliced Model Interface 31:14  With Version 4 has improved controls that you use to interact with the print preview, making it faster and easier to spot issues that may affect your prints.

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