OpenRC Formula 1 Car – Rolling Chassis

Ok time for assembly of the 45 printed parts.  The rear drivetrain and spoiler are the first step. Other than the M3 hardware, there are 6 bearings that are required.  Two of the bearings are in the rear drivetrain.

The full chassis is printed in 2 parts.  This is a top view of the 2 chassis pieces attached with the rear drivetrain.

Rear of the rolling chassis now assembled with rear wheels and tires.  The tires are printed in Ninjaflex which is a flexible filament.  It is pretty amazing to see these in person.  The first tire was printed with 20% honeycomb pattern. That was a too flexible for me so I increased the fill to 35%. That resulted in a little more sturdy tire but still flexible.  Each tire takes 3 hours to print and costs $3 in filament.

Below is the assembled front steering assembly attached to the front chassis piece. Each of the front wheels have 2 small bearings – inside and outside.

Everything put together into a rolling chassis.  The 2 chassis pieces just push together so you really can’t operate the car in this configuration.  The next step is to configure and install the electronics.