OpenRC Formula 1 Car – Parts Printed

45 total part, 60 hours print time, approx $25 in filament cost.

I have decided to build the OpenRC Formula 1 Car as my first 3d printing project. I have finished printing all the parts for my first car. I say first because I suspect there will be multiple cars made in 2017.

There are 45 printed parts in this build from Thingiverse. Everything except the tires are printed in PLA.  The tires are printed in Ninjaflex which is a flexible filament.

Total print time was approximately 60 hours.  I only had to re-print one part which was the first tire printed in Ninjaflex.  The material cost was about $15 for the PLA parts and $12 for all 4 tires.  That Ninjaflex is expensive at $45 for a half kilo resulting in the tires being about $3 each.

Next up is assembly to a rolling chassis including the electronics.