DIY Signage

At MakerFX, we use the equipment and tools we have to enhance our workspace.  We had a need for signage to clarify policies for certain areas and tools.  A member used two tools to make the sign below.  He used the Epilog Laser to cut a piece of acrylic to size.  He then used the Vinyl Cutter to cut the the words / images for the sign.  The final touch was some double-sided tape and poof we have a custom sign.

If you would like to learn how to make your own custom sign or learn about these 2 pieces of equipment, check out our Intro to Laser Cutting and Intro to Vinyl Cutting workshops.

Please visit our calendar or our meetup group to see the workshop schedule, and to RSVP for a workshop. If you would like to request a specific workshop, or have specific questions, email us at

If you are interested in learning more, you don’t have to wait for a class. Stop by on a Friday night for Open Make, and see the laser, 3D printers, Duinokit, X-Carve, etc.


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